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Procedure Instructions

Prior to Your Procedure

ALL PATIENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN ESCORT. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ESCORT, YOUR PROCEDURE WILL BE RESCHEDULED. Your escort will need to be available to hear the discharge instructions and accompany you home. There is a coffee bar and cafe located on the first floor of the Overlake Medical Tower in Bellevue. Escorts may leave their cell phone number with the front desk if they wish to leave the suite. We ask all escorts to be able to return within 10 minutes when called. Please limit the number of persons accompanying you to 2. Only one person will be allowed in the recovery room with you.

Leave all jewelry and valuables at home.
This does not mean your photo identification, insurance card or your eyeglasses. The Endoscopy Center cannot take responsibility for safeguarding your personal items.

Please make arrangements for childcare in advance.
The Endoscopy Center reception area and recovery room area is not designed to accommodate small children.

If you have any questions regarding your medication prior to the procedure or the preparation for a procedure, please contact your nurse at the physician’s office.

Day of Your Procedure

Please check in at the reception desk 1/2 hour before your procedure is scheduled to begin.

Bring your insurance card and government issued photo identification.

Bring your medication or a list of the medication and dosages you are currently taking.

It is very important for us to know if you have any allergies.

If you have a pacemaker please bring your manufacturers ID card.

If you have sleep apnea and use a C-PAP machine, please bring it with you.

Please let us know before your procedure date if you require an interpreter. Your doctor cannot interpret for you.

After Your Procedure

Average Recovery time is 30 minutes for most procedures.

Your escort will need to come into the recovery room to listen to your discharge instructions, sign the written instructions and escort you home.

We require your driver to stay in the immediate area during your procedure. There is a coffee bar and restaurant on the first floor of the Bellevue location for their convenience.

It would be best if someone could stay with you or check on you following your procedure.

Patients cannot wait in the reception area, following the procedure, for their rides to arrive.

You may not take a bus or taxi home.

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