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Who do I contact if I have questions about my bills?

When you have a procedure at Eastside Endoscopy Center, your insurance company will be billed by the following entities:

Eastside Endoscopy Center (EEC). EEC will bill your insurance for facility costs which include the equipment, procedure room, supplies, staff costs, and medications.
Billing questions: 1-800-514-0541 (toll free)

Paceline Anesthesia. Paceline will bill your insurance for the services provided by the anesthesia professional.
Billing questions: 425-407-1500

Incyte & LabCorp. If you have polyps removed, or biopsies taken the lab will bill your insurance for the laboratory’s processing and the pathologist’s interpretation of the results of the biopsy specimens.

Billing questions (Incyte): 800-403-6749
Billing questions (LabCorp): 800-845-6167

Northwest Gastroenterology Associates (NWGA) or Overlake Internal Medicine Associates (OIMA). NWGA or OIMA will bill your insurance for the physician’s services.

Billing questions (NWGA): 425-990-2719
Billing questions (OIMA): 425-467-0150

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